About Us

Hi there, I'm Natalie Montagnani, Founder & CEO of IGNITE.

IGNITE was born from passion. Initially I wanted to help other women to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves, like I have since 2005. But then it became more than that.

I want to help ALL women in business. Not only the entrepreneurs, but the leaders and future leaders in corporate. 

My ultimate aim is to empower women to become the architects of their own lives, embracing their unique strengths and creating a positive impact in the world.

What Led Me Here

I cut my teeth in big business managing multi-million marketing budgets, and did everything from hiring celebrities such as Jamie Oliver for a product launch to managing multiple PR agencies across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

But despite the budgets and the glamour, I wasn't happy and I craved freedom and flexibility in my life and my work.​

So in 2005 I took a redundancy package that was offered, as they were downscaling and closing the office I worked in, and set up my own marketing agency, Page Marketing. I wanted to work with passionate owners of start-ups and SME’s, and help them to realise their visions and grow using simple, yet powerful marketing strategies.

But it wasn't plain sailing I can tell you...I experienced all of the setbacks and barriers you can imagine - including a personal health crisis and the 2008 financial crash...


But sometimes at our worst times, comes our greatest growth as an entrepreneur.

Understanding the importance of personal development and mindset was a complete game changer, and I even trained as an NLP Practitioner.

I then went on to successfully build a team, serve hundreds of businesses. Enabling me time to volunteer for the amazing Cherie Blair Foundation.

Then when I stopped to have my two little girls, I realised that I wanted to set up an organisation to support and empower women in business, specifically those in leadership roles, either c-suite or entrepreneurs, and so IGNITE was born.

  • Entrepreneur since 2005
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • College Lecturer
  • NLP Practitioner


Looking for a speaker?
If you are looking for a speaker I can help. I have many years of speaking experience and am happy to tailor the content to meet your needs and audience.

Brand Strategy & Marketing is my passion and I love to share my expertise with audiences. So if you are a trade show, association, event, podcast or other media outlet who is looking for a  speaker please get in touch.

Here are some examples of topics on which I can present or be interviewed:

  • Vision & Goal Setting 
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Finding Your Niche/Differentiator
  • Entrepreneurship

My experience includes providing keynote speaches for the following organisations:

Business Events:

  • Net XP Business Expos
  • B2B Expos
  • Network My Club
  • FSB
  • BNI
  • Women's Chapter


  • Marketing 101 - Branding: Vision to Voice Listen here
  • For Better Business - Success Strategies Listen here
  • People Watching - Setting Up A Consultancy Business Listen here


  • Essential Business Radio
  • RadioReverb

If you would like to speak to be about IGNITE or a speaking opportunity, book in here with me today.