I See You

...head down, working hard, stressed, not seeing the wood for the trees, and exhausted from constantly fire fighting. I've been an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, so I feel you!

As we approach the end of 2023, you might be reflecting on what you didn't manage to accomplish, or just how tough it was.

  • But what if next year could be different? To have more success, but with ease and flow?
  • What if in the next year, you could not only identify your aspirations but also turn them into reality?
  • What if you could gain the clarity you need and receive the support required to reach your objectives?
  • What if you could take the turnover of your business to an all-time high!

Then I would like to officially invite you to take a day out of the office and join us at our inaugural POWERHOUSE Women event. An exciting, new, quarterly retreat in Sussex for incredible women like you.

These events will bring together ambitious, high achieving female entrepreneurs to IGNITE their potential, hone their strategic thinking, and build a network that propels them towards extraordinary success!

You don't want to miss this!



CEO & Founder of IGNITE


Let Me Tell You More...


Our 2024 POWERHOUSE Women events are structured in the same way as a high-end Mastermind (without the price tag!). It will give you a foundation for learning, empowerment, collaboration and encouragement.

Our aim is to empower all of our attendees to unlock their full potential and attain even greater success!

Take your business strategy and revenue to the next level

Get the support you need most to help you build and keep up momentum

Relax, recharge, eat fabulous food, drink champagne - you deserve to be pampered

What are the benefits?

  1. Collective Wisdom: All of our attendees will bring their diverse knowledge, experiences, and expertise to the group, forming a rich reservoir of collective wisdom which leads to deep discussions and powerful transformations.

  2. Collaboration: Our special POWERHOUSE Women environment creates collaborative discussions for brainstorming, problem-solving, and generating innovative ideas.

    There is also a great opportunity for you to collaborate with other guests on joint ventures and promotions.
  3. Goal Setting: POWERHOUSE Women empowers you to set clear and actionable goals for your personal and professional growth.

    You will be able to define your objectives and work with other members to establish measurable milestones and develop effective strategies for accomplishing them.

  4. A Strategy for Success: Our events involve strategic planning exercises. You will be given the opportunity to analyse your current situation, identify opportunities, and navigate challenges, crafting well-defined strategies to overcome any obstacles you're facing and make tangible progress toward your greatest aspirations!

  5. Network Amplification: Networking is the very life blood of this event. You will be abe to connect with like-minded individuals and for those who return, nurture meaningful relationships over time.

  6. Feedback and Empowerment: Our event cultivates a nurturing environment where you can openly share ideas, seek constructive feedback, and receive support.

  7. Guest Experts: We will invite incredible guest experts along to share their knowledge with you and provide you with direct, personalised feedback on your business in a Q&A.

The Plan for the Day

9.30 Arrivals
Grab a coffee, a pastry and get know the other amazing women on the retreat day

10am Positive Intentions
What do you want from the day? Your host, Natalie Montagnani, will ask you to share with the group what you most want to acheive from the day

10.30am Getting Started
We will then  begin the day with getting to know eachother and discuss our current business strategies. What's working, what's not working, wins and worries.

11.30am Hot Seats
There will then be an opportunity for a number of guests to take the 'hotseat' where we take a 360 degree view of your business, it's vision, goals, any projects you're working on and any challenges you're facing. You can take full advantage of all the members and their collective knowledge and experience.

12.30pm Lunch
It's time to stop and enjoy an incredible lunch and more networking!

1.15pm Expert Speaker
While you digest your lunch, you can sit back and enjoy hearing from a guest speaker who will share their expertise and knowledge, and enjoy a Q&A.

2.15pm - Goals & Actions
Now it's time to get intentional and set key goals and define key actions to take for the next quarter.

4.15pm Reflection
We will then look back on the day's event and ensure that everyone's needs were met.

4.30pm Closing
Although this is the end of the event, for those of you who don't need to dash off, you are more than welcome to stay and have more bubbles, and network more!

Our Guest Expert

We are so honoured to reveal that our guest speaker for our inaugural POWERHOUSE Women retreat will be none other than Carolyn Whitehouse, Money Psychologist.

Carolyn will be teaching us how to ‘Unleash Your Wealth Potential Through Goal Setting.’ The perfect talk to prepare us for an abundant 2024!

Carolyn will share with us:

* The No. 1 mistake that business owners make when setting goals

* The key missing ingredient in most goal setting and how to make sure you have it

* Clarity on your key limiting beliefs, where you got them from and how to release them for 2024

All of which will be followed by a Q&A session so that you can get personalised support.

Carolyn has spent over 25 years living and working around the world helping business owners release their blocks to money and success. Want to know more about her incredible work? You can connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn here.

This talk really is the cream on the cake and will make our POWERHOUSE Women 1 day retreat incredibly transformative for all who attend.

The Venue

Lyminster House is a Georgian Mansion nestled in the West Sussex countryside near the stunning market town of Arundel.

It’s the home of Natalie Montagnani, and your home for the day. With high windows, a stunning Orangery, there’s lots of light.

Hopefully (weather dependent) we will also be able to enjoy the beautiful gardens, and if it's chilly, we will have a roaring fire awaiting you!

You will also be greeted by the resident rescue pooch, Hoover!

This event is for you if you are...

  • Driven and self motivated
  • Unashamedly ambitious
  • Running an established business which is generating revenue
  • Well connected and happy to open her black book when relevant
  • Ideally (but not exclusively) service based: coach/consultant, law firm, creative agency, accountancy, event planning, IT, property, health, wellbeing, beauty, photography/video, personal styling, VA/admin, interior design, building and maintenance, security
  • Passionate about supporting other women and giving back.

"When women come together, we make strong, powerful connections. We genuinely want to help eachother to succeed and that's what these events are all about."

Natalie Montagnani, Founder & CEO of IGNITE

Food Fit for a Queen

We want to make sure you’re fully fuelled for this incredible day.

We will start off with delicious hot drinks and pastries on arrival, and then move on to exquisite sharing boards for lunch - plus pink champagne for anyone feeling decadent or celebratory! 

Further refreshments will also be available during the breaks.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

Book Now - Places are Limited

We only have x20 spaces available for this event, as we want to make sure it has an intimate feel and that everyone gets the very most from the day. Please note that because of this bookings are non-refundable.


£67/m + VAT

3 monthly payments (Available until 30/11/23)

  • Workbook
  • Delicious hand-made, exquisite grazing platters for lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day


£199 + VAT

1 Payment

  • Workbook
  • Delicious hand-made, exquisite grazing platters for lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day


For Female Founders









Feedback From Our Last Event

"Where do I begin, the Vision Retreat was absolutely brilliant! It exceeded all of my expectations. I loved spending the day with you and the other ladies! I have come away with loads of ideas to adopt like gratitude, visualisation and more. I just wanted to say thank you!"

"I find it difficult to find others to talk to about my business, I have my husband and team to support me, but it's not the same as the intelligent conversations I had today with the other women. It was just what I needed"

"I had so many a-ha moments today, I can't even begin to tell you, so thank you so much! Can we do it again next week? Ha ha"


Meet Your Hostess

Hi I'm Natalie Montagnani, Founder & CEO of IGNITE.

I cut my teeth in big business managing multi-million marketing budgets, and did everything from hiring celebrities such as Jamie Oliver for a product launch to managing multiple PR agencies across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

But despite the budgets and the glamour, I wasn't happy and I craved freedom and flexibility in my life and my work.​

So in 2005 I took a redundancy package that was offered, as they were downscaling and closing the office I worked in, and set up my own marketing agency, Page Marketing. I wanted to work with passionate owners of start-ups and SME’s, and help them to realise their visions and grow using simple, yet powerful marketing strategies.

But it wasn't plain sailing I can tell you...I experienced all of the setbacks and barriers you can imagine - including a personal health crisis and the 2008 financial crash. But sometimes at our worst times, comes our greatest growth as an entrepreneur.

Understanding the importance of personal development and mindset was a complete game changer, and I even trained as an NLP Practitioner.

I then went on to successfully build a team, serve hundreds of businesses. Enabling me time to volunteer for the amazing Cherie Blair Foundation.

Then when I stopped to have my two little girls, I realised that I wanted to set up an organisation to support and empower women in business, specifically those in leadership roles, either c-suite or entrepreneurs, and so IGNITE was born.

I trust my intuition, always have and I feel that setting up this POWERHOUSE series of events is an important part of fulfilling my mission. I really hope that you can come along, as I think it's going to be incredibly transformative.

See you there!



Our 2024 Dates


Wednesday 17th January

Wednesday 17th April

Wednesday 17th July

Wednesday 16th October