Calling all POWERHOUSE Women

I want you to get ready to ignite your passion and elevate your entrepreneurial and corporate journey at POWERHOUSE Women!

As the founder of a business or a senior leader, you may often feel lonely, overwhelmed, exhausted, menopausal, or be dealing with imposter syndrome. I get it I've been there. Not to mention the business challenges, such as, team manangement, recruitment, time management and more.

Even when you're successful on paper, you can then find that life easily gets out of kilter and you're struggling to keep work/life balance. Often feeling like you're letting people down or just failing at eveything. It's a tough juggle right?

But that's exactly why I've created POWERHOUSE, so that you can escape the office for one day a quarter and spend time in a room of women who understand you, who will be cheerleading you on, supporting you with any obstacles, helping you find solutions and keeping you accountable.

So join us on Tuesday, 16th July, from 9-5pm for an exclusive gathering that transcends boundaries and celebrates the spirit of POWERHOUSE Women!

See you there



Natalie Montagnani
Founder & CEO


What it will give you...

  • Lead with more confidence and create more impact
  • Identify some clear goals and a tactical plan of action for the next quarter
  • Develop your leadership skills and some tools/frameworks which can support you
  • Learn how to overcome any roadblocks or mindset monkeys
  • Meet other incredible women who really 'get you' and genuinely want to support you
  • Get a day out of the office to work 'on' the business and on you! Rather than just hustling away like an organ grinders monkey!
  • Get access to 'next level' thinking, to help take you from struggle to success!
  • 7 hours CPD


Tell Me More...

POWERHOUSE Women is an extraordinary day of empowerment, inspiration, and connection, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Malmaison Brighton, nestled in the heart of Brighton Marina.

It's a transformative mastermind style event designed to empower women in business so that you can create more opportunities and have more impact.

Held quarterly, they are designed to bring together all ambitious women to IGNITE their potential, hone their strategic thinking, and build a network that propels them towards extraordinary success!


Who This Event Is For

We have purposefully created POWERHOUSE Women for BOTH women in corporate and female entrepreneurs/Founders, which we believe is truly quite unique.

Because whether you're running a team, an entire business or creating multiple businesses, you are going to be facing similar challenges and experiences to other women, the scale may simply vary. And it is in the sharing of these experiences and challenges, that we can see incredible personal and professional growth.


£249 + VAT

Tickets Numbers Are Limited

Includes all refreshments, lunch and workbook


Guest Speaker: Louise Stevenson of Speakeasy Coaching

Louise will be hosting an interactive session on Crafting Compelling Presentations: Mastering the Art of Pitch and Present.

Together with Louise, you will explore effective communication strategies, covering content structuring, delivery techniques, and the importance of confidence and mindset in leadership and workplace dynamics.

This will be an insightful discussion aimed at enhancing your presentation skills and fostering comfortable communication in professional settings. Don't miss out!

Louise is a published author and regularly provides coaching and training for clients including EDF, Amex, Virgin Atlantic and Natwest. She is also a Stand-up comedian, and Founder of the Brighton Comedy Course, who has performed alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, and was selected as a finalist as Channel 4’s Best Newcomer.

Take strategic thinking next level

Get the support you need most

Escape the office, relax and recharge

Network with incredible women

Natalie Montagnani
IGNITE Empowering Women

Natalie cut her teeth in big business managing multi-million marketing budgets, before setting up her own marketing agency in 2005.

Natalie went on to build a team, serve hundreds of businesses and grow a 6 figure agency over the following 18 years, while also volunteering for the Cherie Blair Foundation and mentoring female entrepreneurs.

Then she realised it was time to follow her heart, and dedicate her life to empowering women in business, and IGNITE was born.


Louise Stevenson
Speakeasy Coaching

Louise Stevenson is a prominent figure in both the Business and Comedy spheres, stands out with her unique presence.

Through individual and team coaching, along with innovative video and online courses, she has empowered thousands.

Recognised for creating personalised coaching programs for executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, Louise has received acclaim from business leaders for her thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining delivery.



£249 + VAT

Tickets Numbers Are Limited

Includes all refreshments, lunch and workbook



Jen Bayford
Co-Founder, Growth Animals

I didn't believe it until this week but...It turns out there is a POWERHOUSE woman in all of us ladies! All we need is opportunities like the IGNITE event to connect and build each other up, and bam there she is! (Shoulder pads are optional, but highly recommended). Thank you to Natalie Montagnani for hosting such a brilliant day - with speakers who had us on the edges of our seats.






"When women come together, we make strong, powerful connections. We genuinely want to help eachother to succeed and that's what these events are all about."

Natalie Montagnani, Founder & CEO of IGNITE






Carla Forder
Digital Director
Fandango Digital

Thanks for yesterday everyone, I drove home singing at the top of my voice, re-energised and ready to go! The team really appreciate me going too - they got taken out for lunch today because I am excited and why not! Thanks again everyone for being the POWERHOUSE!


The Venue

Join us at the stunning Malmaison in Brighton. Spend a day in this inspirational setting. Hopefully the Spring weather will allow us to sit on the terrace and enjoy the decadence!


£249 + VAT

Tickets Numbers Are Limited

Includes all refreshments, lunch and workbook



For Founders & Leaders